What’s new with MavensMate?

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MavensMate undergoes some pretty radical changes with the most recent release, so I want to take this opportunity to give a brief rundown of its current state: “MavensMate” now refers to a tool for writing cross-platform IDEs for What does this mean? Well, the APIs that have historically provided the functionality for the TextMate & Sublime Text plugins have been rewritten in Python and “frozen” to run as executables on OSX, Linux, and Windows. The Sublime Text plugin has been rewritten to utilize the new executables. There are two…read more

Android app: “Voice Notes” (part 1)

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Recently, we’ve been working on some mobile apps internally at Mavens, mostly on iOS, but the subject of Android development was intriguing to me, especially given my background in Java. So, last week I started doing some research on the subject and found that there were a few different approaches to writing Android apps that could connect to Adobe Air 2.5 – Run Flash apps on Android (WARNING: this is very much ALPHA software) salesforceandroid – Leverages ksoap2 (great work) sfdc-wsc (thanks Peter @pmorelli) Android + GAE + OAuth…read more


StaticResourcer Air app

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UPDATE: .zip uploads do not seem to be working properly on Windows 7. The Static Resource is being saved, but the file format is invalid. I’ll do some additional testing and attempt to patch. I’d like to introduce a Air app that I cooked up that allows developers to easily create and update Static Resources in orgs. On a recent project, I found myself working with complex Static Resource zip files containing hundreds of files in a multi-tiered file structure. When I needed to update the archive, I…read more