visualforce autocomplete component

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I saw this on the boards and I wanted to make sure everyone knew it was out there.    


populating a flex combobox with picklist values

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i’ve had some requests concerning filling flex combobox’s with picklist values returned from a describe call…


running a trigger via workflow

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Those of you who follow Steve Andersen’s blog may have seen his post re: cron jobs using Apex in April 2007. Kudos to you, Steve for a fantastic post (better late than never!) not only because of its universal application, but also because it got me thinking of other roundabout ways of utilizing Apex. Over the last several months, I’ve had several clients request that a record be checked for certain conditions after a certain amount of time has elapsed. While the solution to this requirement may be intuitive to…read more


visualizing workflow

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When clients illustrate complex business processes with a seemingly endless cast of layers, players, deadlines, and notifications I cringe, not because of’s inability to handle these types of processes (’s workflow capabilities are exceptional), but being a visual person I’m well-aware of’s inability to provide visual representation of workflow.  As a solution, I developed a rather simple doodad (borrowing some of the concepts of’s approval processes model) to present active workflow processes to the user in a (somewhat) manageable fashion. I characterize my solution as a hybrid…read more


code coverage errors in the ide

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This is a frustration of mine when using the Eclipse-based IDE. Even when effective code coverage has been reached, I’m still stuck with code coverage errors in the Problems pane. Obviously, this is merely an annoyance, but something that should be addressed. Is there an Eclipse function that will flush error messages?