MavensMate: Plugin and Summer ’14 Bug Fixes

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It’s been an exciting 12 months for MavensMate: our user base has quadrupled, our anonymous usage statistics show adoption from every continent and MavensMate users are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (take a break, people!). I want to take this opportunity to thank the Salesforce community for the rabid support and let you know that this is just the beginning. The MavensMate mission is simple: to make building applications easy and fun for developers regardless of platform or text editor. That’s why I’m excited to properly announce upcoming support for GitHub’s brand-spankin’ new text editor:

MavensMate for

Atom is exciting for many reasons, but as a…Salesforce1 developer, it introduces a host of possibilities to make your life as a developer even better. is built on node-webkit, an app runtime based on Chromium (see: Chrome web browser) and node.js. The front-end is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the entire interface is customizable. Naturally, this is very exciting for plugin developers. MavensMate for is being developed with the idea that the developer should never need to leave the IDE. Need to create a new project? No more MavensMateWindowServer (OSX users) or opening the UI in your web browser (Windows/Linux users): all MavensMate UIs are baked right into Need to access Salesforce’s schema builder? MavensMate for will open it right inside Need to quickly see which files have inadequate test coverage? They’ll be highlighted in your sidebar. The possibilities are endless. If you’re interested in following the development of the MavensMate for plugin, you can follow the project here on GitHub and register for the Dreamforce 14 session (exact date/time TBD).

Summer ’14 Tooling API Fixes

Many MavensMate users have experienced the infamous “NOT_FOUND” bug in the Sublime Text plugin when attempting to compile metadata in Summer ’14 orgs. I’m happy to announce that these issues have been resolved in the most recent versions of and MavensMate for Sublime Text.