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UPDATE: .zip uploads do not seem to be working properly on Windows 7. The Static Resource is being saved, but the file format is invalid. I’ll do some additional testing and attempt to patch.

I’d like to introduce a Air app that I cooked up that allows developers to easily create and update Static Resources in orgs. On a recent project, I found myself working with complex Static Resource zip files containing hundreds of files in a multi-tiered file structure. When I needed to update the archive, I had to either use the Eclipse IDE trick (results may vary) or go to Setup –> Develop –> Static Resources and “Edit”.

StaticResourcer is a desktop application that allows you to drag and drop your zip, image, or text-based file and upload it to The app is very much in ALPHA right now, so it may handle certain file types in an unexpected way, but I’ve found it to be effective when processing .zip, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .txt, .css, .js, and .html files on Mac OS X.

Please give it a try at your convenience and let me know how it works!

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Download StaticResourcer Alpha 1